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Mardi 26 Octobre 2021

GoogleNCR / Twitter
Hacking tutos / Facebook

Ostap analysis
A `remote` vuln
Adding PS cmdline
PROPagate CI
Apple SE Encryption
Leaked to GitHub
FF DOH Engine
Multidots Flaws
RCE Misusing debugfs
Socket`s lifetime
Using Anomalize
dotPeek vs APK
WiFi tools
IDA VMX Intrinsics
Deleting Tweets
DNS Sec Filters
Git Encrypted CredZ
SPN Discovery

Translate / Map
Wikipedia [ENG] / GIT

Cookie Monster intro
Malleable C2 Profiles
Insec WCF Endpoints
Recorder DoS mitigated
packet-mangler RCE
JS Engines
Teleport Report
Simple VM crackme
Fusion Table RPO
Solid RAR Unpacking
Zip Slip AFO
p0wning Safari
Memory enclaves
SOP Bypass
Bad Auth0 Usage
E2E-encrypted Push
DanaBot JS Downloader
Nulled & JQuory
DNS Resolver for Tor

Metasploit / ExploitDB
Converter / Project 0

ASIC/FPGA miners
Browser C2
PCAP to Apache Log
Parallel Attacks
Event Query Language
Spam to URSNIF
Improved stack prot
VPNFilter Update
Heap Analysis Plugins
F Go Shellcode
Cameras vulns
Cisco 2 vulns
Encrypted OOXML
r2r2 worm
Host Header SQLi
Quick PS Wins
Custom iTerm2
Initial Access
Vuln Description Ontology

Hotmail / Gmail / ODA
eprint.iacr / Youtube

Freddy intro
BinSequencer & YARA
SWF 0day ITW
WebAccess BO
ITW targeted 0day
New KillDisk
VB6 Payload
Decoding Emotet 2
RE the Analyst
W10 AV Bypass
Lootbox intro
Supermicro frmws
PLEAD Downloader
XSS & Clickjacking
TRITON & TriStation
Bad YARA rule
Crimestoppers CTF
Decoding RF Prots
Pushing miner
.iqy files