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Mardi 17 Juillet 2018

GoogleNCR / Twitter
GoogleBE / Facebook

Reversing with fevral
Reverse Engineering 3
`Tick` Group attacks
Labyrenth writeups
3D Maze Writeup
Windows Event Forwarding
Droid SSL Re-Pinning
Exploiting TrustZone TEEs
Frontable Azure domains
Dump LAPS passwds
A Passive RFID Fuzzer
Emotet takes wing
SecOS: 1 CTF
IOS Forensics
Win Phone Forensics
CowerSnail & Qt
NemucodAES & Kovter
FreeRDP Multiple Vulns
Analyzing .ISO Files
Ursnif using mouse

Translate / Map
Wikipedia [ENG] / GIT

Bots Searching
Another .lnk File
ExPetr & MBR
About Metadata
Bypassing AVs HIPS
WiFi Broadcom bug
RCE in Factorio
Py Proxy Re-Encryption
Empire without PowerShell
SambaCry for crypto mining
SSL/TLS Client Fingerprinting
Using ESP8266 module
Insecure Gov App
WMF Flaws to CE
W10 Kernel Pool Overflow
Statistics and Infosec
A development Chromebook
Exploring the Labyrenth
OilRig uses ISMDoor
Cracking the Lens

Metasploit / ExploitDB
Converter / Project 0

Feature Phone Forensics
Petya Initial Analysis
Driver Memory Write 1
Driver Memory Write 2
Buffer Driver infoleak
HawkEye Analysis
Testing new features
DOM XSS to Doom
Trickbot Propagation
OSX/Dok & updates
EzDroid Write-up
OSPF & LSA recency
Keylogger using DirectX
DNS Round-Robin config
TLS 1.3 in enterprise
Real-Time Bidding & Ads.txt
V1D0m intro
Fuzzing SQLXSS & CI
Eternal Blue scan

Hotmail / Gmail / ODA
eprint.iacr / Youtube

Using Burp Scanner
High Assurance Boot vulns
Motorized Hoverboards vulns
Writing ARM shellcode
CVE-2017-4971 RCE
Website Footprinting
Patching SambaCry via sploit
RASP vs Droid rooting apps
PyREBox intro
WMIGhost / Wimmie
Product Key Auth Bypass
Predictable Password Reset
Memcached & patching
Unknown player
Sec instant messenger protos
Sobelow 4 Phoenix Framework
IA-32e hw paging
Intel PIN cheat & detection
Using Google Caja
Hogging that lock