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Mardi 17 Juillet 2018

GoogleNCR / Twitter
GoogleBE / Facebook

Py encrypted reverse shell
IE CVE-2017-0059
MeePwn write-ups
Nice Debugging story
Internal subdomains YQL
Find the font
Sploit Alpine 2
VBScript Type Confusion
NsiGetParameter infoleak
From fuzzing Apache
GPC Sanitization bypasses
Myspace vuln
Phar code injection
NemucodAES malspam
Agile QBot variant
DestroySplayTree Mem Corrupt
A jammer detector
Anti-Antidebug WinDbg
Return of the JIT 1
PowerView PowerUsage 1

Translate / Map
Wikipedia [ENG] / GIT

Synesthesia shellcode gen
Bypassing M patch
VM escape patch analysis
Old .NET Vuln 4
Ransomware & Network
Mobile H1702 CTF
Fuzzing FreeRADIUS
IoT ARM exploitation
H1-702 CTF 2017
MeePwn2017 chall
CVE-2017-9765 sploit
PyREBox intro
10 Process Inj Techs
Return of the JIT 2
PostgreSQL to root
Using Twilio
7z PPMD remote BO
Nux krnl hardening
New CPU cache archi
VBScript Inject via GNOME

Metasploit / ExploitDB
Converter / Wepawet

Implementing mlw CnC
S3 Buckets Sec
CVE-2017-0037 to PoC
Bypassing AMSI via COM
JavaScript risk
WinDBG Unravelling .NET
Vault 7 Data Leak
Skype autodiscovery
Droid GhostCtrl
Terror URL shortener
VMware Escape Sploit
CVE to Exploit
Malspam evolves
Droid forensics
IoT Thermostat Bug
LinkedIn privacy
Win10S Device Guard
Hacking PayPal
Outlook persistence

Hotmail / Gmail / ODA
Wikipedia [FR] / Youtube

5 year old bug
DG on Windows 10 S
Source Games RCE
Mac MRU Parser update
How I tricked Symantec
Exposing auth tokens
Yandex intrusion investig
NPS_Payload intro
Visualize with Neo4j
The Parity Multisig Bug
NukeBot banking
Pached by Talos
FF Sec Audit
Droid O Seccomp
Nux mem corruptions
RegisterXLL() method
Fast-key-erasure RNG
Briar Project pentest
CorelDRAW vulns
Inject All the Things