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Mercredi 26 Février 2020

GoogleNCR / Twitter
GoogleBE / Facebook

Lucky Consec Guessing
XSS by CSP bypass
LuaQEMU experiment
Polictf LCG
New Rootnik Variant 3
Hunt PowerShells
Debuggable Droid apps
Counting CTF
Upgrading shells
VMM debugging 1
VMM debugging 2
A Targeted Registration
EBBISLAND on Solaris
0patching mem corrupt
OAM 10g Session Hijacking
Payload Generation
OSX Network Hijacking
macOS VMware code inj
Device Guard Bypass

Translate / Map
Wikipedia [ENG] / GIT

IPv6 Packet Filtering
Detect Honeyfile Access
Thread local caching
Adwind Trojan
Upatre Trojan Downloader
Challenges of CSP
Chrome into pentool
New LDAP RDP Relay
Uber auth bypass
Firefox into pentool
Unpacking Venis
LinkedInt intro
Torrent Repack
TinySmaliEmulator intro
X-process inject. techs
Breaking NemucodAES
Winnti open source
BITS persistence
PDF SetSize CE

Metasploit / ExploitDB
Converter / Wepawet

Abusing legit ffmpeg
LockPoS details
Trend Micro vulns
Sigreturn Oriented Prog
COM Session Moniker EoP
Exploiting WebDAV
Constant Hashtable Seeds
TSB zCash Monero
Tell our hashes ?
One line of JS
W10 W32pServiceTableFilter
Protected View Phishing
Eternal Synergy analysis
A post sploitation issue
OneNote forensics
Basic dyn analysis
New Struts RCE
Open remote mgmt interf
Kerberos remote privesc

Hotmail / Gmail / ODA
Wikipedia [FR] / Youtube

rzpnk ZwOpenProcess
Magala Trojan Clicker
PowerDNS intro
Hiding with PSReflect
Locking Reg Keys
Residential gateways vulns
grsecurity 4.11
iSmartAlarm Vulns
Crawl a Website
RE Blind RF Protocol
Hijacked domain names
RCE in the Struts
AV Bypass on OS X
NTLM Hash Leaks
Py long-running child
PoSeidon analysis
Rekall Heap Analysis
RE embedded Devices
Attacking CLR Assemblies
MongoDB & shared hosting