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Mercredi 26 Février 2020

GoogleNCR / Twitter
GoogleBE / Facebook

EternalPetya patches
ThreadContinue DLL inj
Scan for MS17-010
Remcos RAT
Puppet Strings intro
Obfuscation ITW
W10 EAF/EMET Bypass
systemd & usernames
Send fake emails
RCE multi-stage binary
WP Statistics SQLi
Zigbee sec & sploit
BlackEnergy to ExPetr
Pipe CTF Walkthrough
ptt with No Pain
Invincea double fetch
Antiy AV Engine SO
Invincea Protection Bypass
poaService local privesc
JDSer-Dcomp intro

Translate / Map
Wikipedia [ENG] / GIT

Laws & decompilation
NetBSD kernel module
Playing with Gablys [FR]
How I found a bug
OpenPuff intro
Droid Apps RCE
Popular on GitLab
Exploiting BLE 4.0
OpenBSM to audit
Honeypot Visualization
Revocation is broken
PetrWrap analysis 2
TeleBots backdoor
Decrypting TFS sec vars
Droid Gaining Root
OS cmd inj basics
Insecure Direct Object Ref
Crypto Best Practices
Addressing Sec Regression
FakeCry ransom

Metasploit / ExploitDB
Converter / Wepawet

Beyond public key enc
CORS misconfigs
EternalPetya encryption
Exploiting WebDAV
SLocker ransom
ZIP bombs to defend
Inst_Prof &ndash Writeup
Bitscout intro
re-search update
Process Hollowing & Manalyze
The MeDoc Connection
Command-line UWA
Auditing the Auditor
Back to the Resilience
Conditional Spam
MSXSL AppLocker Bypass
Nux FakeNet-NG
Heap Spray Basics
Nitro OOB write

Hotmail / Gmail / ODA
Wikipedia [FR] / Youtube

Pwn Safari sandbox 2
Hashing Algorithm Disclo
A few toys vulns
Cobalt Strike & DF
unserialize() sploit tool
VMware Heap Overflow
Broadcom HO
Win auth protos 1
Exploiting WP
Blind XXE
MS IIS tilde enum
Gauntlt intro
Command Injections
Poppler PDF vulns
NotPetya with Salsa20
Google Play XSSes
SMB Template Injection
SpyDealer analysis
V8 libFuzzer