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Samedi 24 Juillet 2021

GoogleNCR / Twitter
GoogleBE / Facebook

Fido internals
From .LNK
Use the backdoor
macOS exec from mem
Asymmetric Crypto algos
Sage 2 ransom
Incident Responder ?
XPoCe intro
About tbreak list
Rootnik analysis 2
Finding The Lost Vikings
LG Unlocking
Web shells basics
Forging RSA-PSS sig
Panda Webinjects
ntfs-3g priv esc
G Suite Vuln
Honeywell XL vulns
JMX access to pWn
Defeating Quantum Algos

Translate / Map
Wikipedia [ENG] / GIT

Spring Boot RCE
Book cover - writeup
Navigation lifetime
Phishlulz Tutorial
Spambot safari
About .DS_Store
Gibson boot2root
RTF to Cobalt Strike
VDB/Vtrace IAT
Detecting Kerberoasting
ZeroT PlugX
Using DepGraph
Hangouts ActiveX UaF
VirtualBox for analysis
Droid apps RCE
str() detect BO
ROP Primer level 1
Interacting with MacOS
Passwd managers
Domain Fronting again

Metasploit / ExploitDB
Converter / Wepawet

Recovering an activity
Into Fortress DC416
Micropatching on Nux
OpenBSD mem exhaustion
IE 11 SOP Bypass
Satan RaaS
XSS with an IMG
Pony analysis
Missing RRSIG record
PHP Obj Inj SQLi
Git priv repo theft
Port Sec Openwrt
Hijacked tweets
Obscurity Pockets 2
New Attack Old Tricks
MySQL Injections
Kerberoasting detection 2
COM to bypass UAC
Hacking IMF

Hotmail / Gmail / ODA
Wikipedia [FR] / Youtube

Nitro TerminateApp CE
Nitro CxImagePNG CE
Nitro CxImage CE
TP-Link vulns
Finding Ticketbleed
G Suite A-gain :)
Locked OnePlus 0wning
Lifting (Hyper) Visor
Shell to Meterpreter
.eps maldoc
Infected Word gen
Malware Behavioral 2
XSSMas Challenge
Fileless attacks
Proteus & Cryptobox API
jQuery Mobile XSS
Docker Secrets mgmt
Adventures In GELF
Quantum Computer FAQ
lgdrmserver binder svc RC